Plastic Artist


The quest for meaning


It was in 1982 that Messaoud Bahloul, painter and miniaturist, graduated in ceramics from the National School of Fine Arts in Algiers.



The explorer of the first senses

At the origin is the symbol could be the mantra of the artist Elmes. His artistic approach focuses on an essential question: what is art?

The bright olive tree

This all-rounder creative flexibility allows Elmes to approach the theme of the olive tree since 2012. He will explore another facet of the significant « agro-cultural »

The alchemy of the triangle

Elmes deepens his research by opting for a plastic work on the triangle “which refers to the trilogy of man (body, soul and spirit)

From sign to symbol

During this phase of searching for landmarks, the return to the sources carried out in his practice of ceramics and the impact of the Aouchem movement prove to be insufficient.



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